SG RainySunday MS Wildwood Fern 3*M


ADGA #: D1772218

Birthdate: 2/29/2016

Number in litter: 4



Sire: SG Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer +B

Dam: SG RainySunday SS Viridian Spritz 2*M

Further pedigree can be found HERE 

Linear Appraisal

2018: VEV+ 85


DHI Records 

(as of 9/20/2018)

Freshening: 2

DIM: 149

Milk: 670 lbs.

Fat: 41 lbs.

Protein: 28 lbs.

Fern milked 6 lbs. on her first milk test as a second freshener.

Recieved her milk star as a first freshener


Show Record

2017: Evergreen State Fair Yearlings in milk- 9th




2017: 1 doe 1 buck

2018: 3 does 2 bucks

Little RedHouse HuckleberryFae

Little RedHouse Rhubarb Tart

Little RedHouse Star Thistle

Little RedHouse Honeysuckle

Little RedHouse Blue Dragonfly *B



I call Fern the “weirdo goat". She‘s smart but goofy and will try eating just about anything you offer her! She's not the herd queen but wishes she was as she tries to boss the littles around.  I learned to milk on Fern and her patience with me while I did was incredible.

Little RedHouse Pip Pip Hooray


ADGA #: D1927338

Birthdate: 3/18/2018

Number in litter: 2



Sire: Camanna LI Moonlight Dandy +*B

Dam: SG RainySunday MS Philippa Joy 3*M

Further pedigree can be found HERE

Linear Appraisal

2019: +++A 78


DHI Records

As of 9/8/2019

Freshening: 1

DIM: 176

Milk: 380 lbs.

Fat: 22 lbs.

Protein: 17 lbs.


Show Record

2018: NWABGC Udder Spectacular March ‘18 Kids-  1st, 5th and 6th

Evergreen State Fair March ‘18 Kids- 3rd, Jr. Get of Sire (Dandy) 2nd



2019: 2 bucks



Loving little girl wants nothing more than to snuggle. She’s very chatty, and even while snuggling up will ”hum” or sigh to show you just how happy she is.

She is a beautifully long, wide for her size, sweet, loving girl. She may not be the brightest, but she is sensitive and wants to please making her little quirks so endearing. As a first freshener her udder capacity and milk supply weren’t quite at the standards I had hoped for. While I love her, and it is likely these things will improve with time/freshenings I like to keep a small herd and decided it was time to move her along to a new home in order to make room. She consistently produced 2.5# (just over a quart) of milk daily throughout her lactation and even when moved to OAD measured 1.5# and will earn her star based on butter Fat but was sold before reaching production levels.  Rayah has a soft udder with good sized teats and orifices for easy milking.